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1199SEIU is calling on Congress to step up and protect workers on the job by acting now to:

Ensure adequate supplies of personal protective equipment, testing and treatment for ALL of those on the frontlines of healthcare, including hospital, nursing home,
home care, clinic and pharmacy workers.

Ensure frontline healthcare workers can provide for themselves and their families now and in the future

Increase Healthcare Funding to States and Providers

Zaida Ramos 6

As a home healthcare worker and a mother, I find myself as a caretaker on both ends of this healthcare crisis, often without the personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep my patients, myself, and my family safe. Each day, I tend to patients with chronic illnesses in their own homes. I also care for my 14 year old son with asthma. Because I don’t have access to the basic necessities like protective gloves and masks, I’m forced to choose between my patients’ health and my son’s health each time I leave the house.This doesn’t have to be our reality. We are in a health crisis in this country and we need to take urgent action.

-Zaida, 1199SEIU member and a home health aide based in New York City